Updates and changes!
Starting today, I've switched my patreon creation to Per Comic Update. 

Since my comic updates are not by the page, they are giant updates that are meant to flow together, I cannot update as fast as I could. 

I'm also in the heavy editing process of the 2nd draft of the novel, which has taken up a lot of my time (even though I cannot really show the world publicly). Because of that I haven't been working on the comic as much and I feel bad for charging a monthly fee for that.

So, from now on, patrons will only be charged when I release a big comic update installment! However if you're my patron, you will still see my updates here for free. They will include things I can't really show to the world otherwise, and panels that I'm working on and so on. Patrons will also get dibs on requested fanart and worldbuilding. 

Another thing that this changes is that I will no longer be hiding my process materials here. I was feeling rather bad that I couldn't share my works in progress materials, which I really enjoy doing. I feel like these should be free to the world. 

I will still send off a nice final care package for last month! They are in the works. 

I'm thinking this will be a positive change! You will end up spending less money, and it will encourage me to work on the comic more frequently. 

Have a good day!