Updates and art streams!
You may notice I've made some.... changes around here. Because I have a life other than FTC and it would be neat if I could keep using this patreon when FTC ends.

So about my plans for this summer! I'm going to do my darndest to have an art stream every Friday around 3PM eastern time. I'll announce what the streams will be for and what I'll be listening to during them before hand. Streams could be work for FTC, or an Adventure Zone animatic, or even work for my senior thesis?! We'll see when they come around! The first one this Friday (may 19) is going to be for FTC.

The streams are for everyone, not just patrons, so here's my plan for patron-exclusive material! If I'm working on some kind of video, I'll export progress and process bits and post them here when I can. Other than that I want to try to keep a sketchbook of sorts that I'll post stuff for here as well! 

That's it for this update! All that really matters is art streams on Fridays! See you there!