Updates and info (and big fat apology!)
Hey gang! 

It's been a while since I have updated and I apologize greatly for it!! 

A whole mess of stuff has been going on, mostly getting over a real nasty cold that had me super weak and messy! I'm still getting over it but now I'm a little behind class and it's not much fun! I also have a convention this weekend and will be working on small stuff for a side cosplay, nothing too big, but i'll be sure to take pictures.

I've also remade my blog recently and need to get it updated and going, as well as my art site which is currently down at the moment! I'm working on a big list of to-do's and hoping to get all this sorted out, along other things like art prompts from February! (Apologies to Mel!)

Aside that I hope you all have been well, I'll be posting small scribbles I've been doing here and there soon and want to thank you all for another month of your support and patience.

Feel free to send your March prompts via Twitter, private messaging or discord (Skype has been acting up for me lately so I won't be there as often!)

Thank you all once more, I hope you are all well!