Updates and AstralSounds is going to print!

That's right, AstralSounds is finally getting turned into real, physical books! Leading up to that, I have a few cool announcements to make. I recently made changes to the reward tiers here on Patreon, including the addition of the $15 tier. Now anyone who donates $15 or more will get a free copy of the next book to go to print! Books will cost $20-$25 if you buy them from me at cons or online after printing, so you can save a little money while also supporting me on those initial printing costs!

You don't have to be a $15 patron at the time of printing, just anytime before a book goes to print. (Just make sure the $15 was actually paid!) I'm planning for the formal printing date of Chapter One to be May 1st, so the cut-off date to earn a copy  as a patron is April 30th.

ALSO! Anyone who is or has been a patron of any amount will get their name printed in the book! I'd like to request that anyone wanting to use a name other than their Patreon username please message me to let me know. If, for any reason, you don't want your name included in the book at all, again let me know. If you don't contact me, I'll assume you want to be listed in the book under your Patreon username.

The cut-off date to become a patron to get your name in the book, or to contact me regarding your name, is also April 30th!

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