Updates and New Things!
Hey guys! Got a few announcements for you today. Unfortunately there will be no new FireWire pages this week (my bad; convention prep killed me again) but look forward to new pages next week! Also, want to give you guys a heads up for the new changes that will be happening soon. 1: Revised Prizes I'm going to be adding a few more donation tiers (now that I know what I'm doing haha) and a couple more prize types. Also, these past few months have taught me one thing: I WORK FASTER WHEN PEOPLE TELL ME WHAT TO DRAW. So as a result, I've decided to suspend the monthly prints, and instead make it monthly sketch requests! More details will be coming soon, but these new sketch requests can include any character (not just mine) as long as you provide a reference! That'll be starting in April, along with announcement number 2... 2: More Stories I have lots and lots of stories. Short stories, long stories, epics. And I want them to get finished. So also starting in April, I'm going to start posting one-shot comics that I've been dying to draw for years exclusively on Patreon! The first one-shot is called "At the Edge of the Wind" (if you follow my tumblr, you've probably seen sketches of it) and I'll be posting a page roughly every-other week! 3. FireWire Because of the shift in adding more comics to the docket, FireWire's weekly update schedule will move to an every other week schedule starting in April to compensate. However once a certain Milestone Goal is reached, FireWire can return to weekly updates as a full time series (3+ pages per week) :) So there you have it! A little glimpse into what's coming for current (and hopefully future) supporters! Thank you guys so much for supporting me and the work I do. It means so much to me!~<3