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Hello, lovelies! I wanted to let you know, if you haven't read the newest updates, you can now via my site! All of the series have at least one update so be sure to stop by and say hello to them all! ♥


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Recognition & Stream Speed Paints

You'll be recognized for making my work possible as well as after each recorded stream the video will be processed and sped up for your viewing convenience! 

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  • Access to unlisted speed paints of public streams. 
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See my comics pages finished in HD, tutorials on how I doodle, line, and/or colour things, as well as get speed-paints of anatomy studies that I stream in private!

  • 2 day early access to comic pages before they are released to the public
  • Tutorials on anatomy (Human and Animals)
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Private Anatomy Study Livestreams

Join me while I stream for you, my patrons! These will be study streams, in which you would get to vote on what I study, be it hands, feet, horses, or dogs, watch me work them out, ask me questions you may have, and/or chat with me!

  • Picarto private streams.
  • Plus all previous rewards 
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