Updates A Comin
So, some of y'all might've seen that my SNAP benefits have been cut, probably due to an error I made in my renewal. I'm going to be appealing it, but in the meantime, I'm trying to build Patreon more. Prior to this cut, I was making plans to change up what I offer on Patreon anyways.

So, in the immediate, due to hitting my $50 goal, I'll be starting a new Gwen story once I get done with revisions for The Demons Within. The book will going to the editor in April, so I'll probably try and work on it then and shoot for a May release of the story. For those interested, I'm leaning heavily toward Gwen going to a carnival.

Now, beyond lore, snippets, short stories, and whatever else, I would love to add a couple more things to Patreon. First up, I'll be using Patreon as a workshop for game design stuff. This will include homebrew stuff for D&D, as I've already taken done that in the form of a Fighter subclass (the Monster Hunter) and an overhaul for Orcs and Half-Orcs (something I wouldn't mind revising a little more too). I've been wanting to take a crack at redesigning the Ranger and designing more Fighter subclasses (Fighter Swashbuckler anyone?).

I'm also going to add in video game design as I would really like to build a Metroidvania style game (heavy on the Vania). This would be sporadic but I'd be going in-depth when I do it. Once I started building the game in Unreal 4, I'd post screencaps and video clips as well.

Finally, provided I can afford it, I'm going to add in cooking adventures as well. Nici and I are about to have our own place again and a decent kitchen, so I'll be cooking a lot more again (ya know, money permitting). Along with regular stuff, I'd really like to start adventuring in diabetic cooking. A lot of this would be baking but also things like sauces.

Like with the writing requests, I'd also happily take cooking and gaming subject requests.

A big thank you to everyone for your patronage thus far and hopefully the new direction will be a little more robust.