Updates for the New Year!!

HEY THERE, EVERYONE! Happy Holidays. 

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for your support. It means a lot to me. I'M GOING INTO MY SECOND MONTH AS A PATREON CREATOR!! I hope you are a satisfied with the content thus far. There is more to come!

Second, I want to run by you a few ideas I had for next year. 

★ You may not know already, but I'm planning on releasing a book compiling all the recent Peachy Plush Comics. Being patrons, you are granted a PDF copy of the book as well as your name listed in the back for your support. I'll update you all on the details when that time comes. I want to have at least 20 more comics completed before that time comes. At the moment, I have 27 Peachy Plush comics completed (Not counting the original ones from 2010-2011).

★ I've been thinking of starting a Youtube Channel. It would be mainly a place to store speed paints since Facebook embedding can be a bit unreliable sometimes. Also, I wanted to do Monthly Vlogs for more behind the scenes actions for you all.

★ I'm working on staying ahead of Peachy Plush so that I can get "Facecard" details squared away; a decent outline of the whole story, a script written for book one, and finishing any character designs and background designs I may need to do. 

★ Finally, as far as rewards go, I was thinking of bumping up $5 rewards and making a $10 Tier. $5 patrons would also get monthly stickers mail to them, and $10 patrons would get monthly stickers as well as monthly postcards. Images of the Stickers and Postcards will be posted for all to see. Let me know what you think. Ahh~ It's good to get mail~

Just as a reminder, The next Peachy Plush for the new Year goes up on New Years day, however I'll post it early New Years eve for you all to enjoy. The next one after that is scheduled for January 15th, so look forward to seeing that early too. $5+ patrons, the December Sketchbook will be posted for you on the 30th.

Thanks again, Everyone. 

Have a great holiday!