We've had an incredibly enriching month and have some great news to share. First a little shout out to our new website: www.newhopeSA.org - check it out for a bunch load of resources and helpful links.

Michael: For those of you who don't know - he is one of the stories in our St Peter's Community Dinners video. We enquired with Inner Peace if they could admit him into their program and they gave us a list of things we needed to do! It's important that a user is detoxified in a medical environment (especially for alcohol and heroin) as the withdrawals can be dangerous if there is no medical assistance on call. In order for admittance Michael went for a drug and alcohol test on Friday morning - no alcohol or heroin in his system but found some weed and tik - these don't need to be detoxed as the body can usually handle the withdrawals. Then he needed to go for a medical so declare him fit for rehabilitation. So we went for a medical at a private doctor (which they ended up doing for free!) and they declared him medically fit for rehab. Then he was accepted into Inner Peace so we bought his bus ticket and he leaves on Monday afternoon at 12pm. He is really amped and excited to finally be getting some treatment and being 58 years old he has 2 more years until he can get his pension.

Lyle: he's doing really well. Coming up to his 3 months sobriety. We're gifting him a new phone for graduating as he has no way to communicate with family or ourselves. He'll be going into the tertiary program at Beth Rapha which is basically the same of the first phase but you get a bit more freedom and can start looking for work. He will most likely do a Zanokhanyo Job Readiness course and then pursuit a part-time job while still being in the safe house of Beth Rapha.             

Jason*(new guy): He is at Loaves and Fishes. We met up with him after I (Richard) gave a talk at Mowbray Presbyterian. He wanted help with finding work so we're putting him on the Zanokhanyo course. The onus is going to be on him to book the interview and find out when the next course is - we will help financially to cover it.                      

Bill*: After leaving Malmesbury Night Shelter because of a back injury he went back to the streets for a couple of months. He still comes to Community Dinners every Thursday and often enquires about rehabilitation. After some consideration he decided to fill in a Ramot Rehab application together and submit it to them. In speaking to Riana (social worker at Loaves) they said they might have a space for Bill* at Loaves and Fishes so he has an interview on the 6th of April at with Riana. We're still gonna continue with the application at Ramot in the hopes that he can do both.                       

Ben*: once Ben had received his papers we bought a ticket up to Johannesburg - there were some complications with his travel visa so he had to stay the night in Jozi (Thanks Tim Hodgson for accommodating him) and he left the following morning after getting some new papers from the embassy. After 24 hours of traveling he was stopped and searched in Zambia and had the incorrect papers - he was deported back to Johannesburg and then eventually found a bus back to Cape Town. He has now organised to stay at friends house in Cape Town and we are meeting this week to discuss what the next plan of action is. Please pray for him that doors will be open to get back to the DRC.

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