#Updates - May Rewards!
One day left in this pay period to hop onto May's rewards (if that strikes your fancy - plus ONE day left on my big ass print sale!) but for the rest of you at the Spooky Sponsor & Mega Monster tiers this means:

Payments will be processed June 1st! Hooray! This detail is good for you guys (your account isn't charged for the month until the first day of the next, which is pretty handy for budgeting IMO) but sucks for me because I can't start flipping pledge money into rewards until the 1st-3rd of each month depending on processing time.

After that I can...:

* Finish assembling Mystery Mail & Monster Packs (I want to send them out immediately but can't cover it cuz y'alls pledges are held hostage for the entire month) 

* Start shipping them out within the first week & a half of June. REMINDER to new patrons, I am ONE person doing not only the creation of these things, but the assembly, the packaging & the actual act of dropping them at the post office.  I'll update you guys again once they're ready/have been shipped! 

Anyways! Hope you guys are excited for June, and if there's anything you're hoping to see in your mailbox - feel free to drop me some hints, they just might sneak their way into another month!