Updates: Merch, Event, & Blog Announcement
1. My button maker arrived! Last night. So of course I then stayed up until midnight excitedly making things. BG/SG is printed, bound, and ready to go. You, my dear Patrons, will be getting your copies sent out to you on Monday. I wanted to wait for the button maker so I could send you some of these as well.

2. I'm vending with my shop at Notch Brewery here in Salem next Saturday. My boss & coworkers have been lovely and supportive and don't mind that BG/SG stuff will be right alongside all of our shop merch. And a local coffee shop here asked me to drop off some buttons that they are willing to sell for me. Good things!

3. Since I put together the BG/SG site, I have been considering whether or not a blog should be added. Today I officially decided: No. Because I want it to be here, available to Patrons from the $1+ level. This idea feels right, feels better than having it public. I hope to include sketchbooks, works in progress, and ramblings/writings.. perhaps even a few quality ones. ;)