Updates! A New Show! whaaaaaat?
Sup Terds!

We are making some updates to our Patreon!

Slowly but surely we have added some sweet bonus content at the $5+ level.

We have added all of the music from the podcast (sans the illegal kind). Make Fat Pasterds Theme Your Ringtone!

We also added an unedited version of the Rob Bell interview (about 6.5 extra minutes).

Coming up this weekend we will be adding our first ever BONUS episode of a show we lovingly call "Pasterds: Pub Crawl". It will serve as an "after show" conversation of sorts from time to time when we have extra content pertaining to a recent episode. The first episode will feature the lovely Billy Patterson! He will be answering a few more Ask An Atheist questions in depth.

We have a quite a few ideas for other bonus shows that will be announced at a later date.

Until then...
Further Up, Further In.