Updates, new site, worklog, & doings!
I live with an endless todo list these days. 

Today I have to layout a student antholagy-some very nice pages submitted but this last semester of Making Comics 101!

Also need to do some drawing for Dracula,

look over the Dream Life script....

Sometimes it's a problem of where to start.

I know, i'll update patreon first! :)

I'm overdue, especially to post more instructional material! Need to get on that.

Did you enjoy Revolver Quarterly Vol.4? Hope so. FYI if you did, if you can spare a moment i'd love it if you could post a review of it somewhere?

For example on Amazon  and goodreads  would be cool, or your own site if you rather.  Help rate  the Spilt Ink books generally and get more eyes on them in searches and such.

Oh, so I was in toronto,  I see i forgot to mention that here too last week, dope! That was bad of me. It was a good show though, Ange  came with me to it, sales were modest but included two pieces of art being picked up so over all gross was good! Also had dinner with family, and did a bit of traveling with my favorite Murphy

She took the photo abouve of me at the show. To my Left, your right, is Steven Gilbert , on the other side sitting and drawing a LOT, is  Shawn Daley, standing is Andrew Hahn! Also got to know the very outgoing Gmb Chomichuk! Not seen here becuase he's out in front of his table! Crazy man.

Chated to a lot of people, very good show I'd say! Got blogged about here  by Charlie Kim. Thanks again to Kevin A. Boyd for the guest credentials and good work sir! Though, no coffee in the green room? Whaaa? xo.

Over the last little while due to a database crash, I was motivated to overhaul my site,  and at the suggestion of one of my long time patrons Calliope Den Ouden, I installed new store software. I have to say WooCommerce is a damn site better than the broken old app I'd had running. 

So now I've got my home site's store fully stocked  - books and art sales. Patreon Patrons, if you want to buy something let me know before you do, you have an exclusive coupon code!

Considering adding prints but that's kind of covered by S6  already so.... Need to convert Spilt Ink over to  WooCommerce too.  In prep for that i've set up all my indie books on my home dot com, in new more fiscally sustainable bundle offers.

I've got a couple weeks before the next semester starts, need to get caught up with instructional posts here and my comics making! 

I'm thinking I need to start looking for a midsized contract project to do soon, something in the 10k range, so I can save some of it to buy a chunk of months off from teaching at Syn. 

Love the work but would like a break from it too, was just thinking it's been two years almost since the last time I did last.

Alternately, if the patreon reached the next goal, I could do it with just a couple of small gigs too! Hint Hint. :) Don't forget to share the patreon with your friends! :D

I'm going to start working on Dream Life again soon, and that I think, i'll be using the patreon phone app to exclusively share with you my patrons first.

Ok, better get at it and not prattle on too much.
more soon!