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Hey everyone! 

Apologies for the radio silence lately, unfortunately grad school decided to unleash its final form and use its "Final projects and exams stacking LV.5" skill upon me and flood me with work pretty much a couple of hours just after I had finished the sketch for the iron giant, changing my entire outlook for the following two weeks orz(Time flies bys o fast!)!

 Unfortunately, striving for the best quality I can achieve and you guys deserve, I'll have to push our second May update to Tuesday 31st rather than tomorrow as planned(Even if I wanted to do a rushed release I still have a ton of school work lined up tonight haha orz!) I also want to apologize for not sending out the first may update patreon reward packs yet, the reason is also that overwhelming amount of school work and keeping the quality standards packages needed. 

However the situation is not too dire! Albeit unable to work at the pace I wanted, I've still been working hard in our feature releases for the second May update and you can in fact see three of them finished up there! As you can see they are on par with the latest Librarium quality standards and they serve the purpose of expanding the RTP alter series! Next bit of good news is, I'll be bundling both Patron reward packs on may 31st  for you all, so you'll receive both packages still within this period! Finally, there's still a big surprise to be included with the second may update, but for now let's just say it involves dragons! Albeit it's probably not what you think!

Now for some background in our RTP Alter XII feature picks!

First up you can see the Sahuagin model! I must say drawing him and researching about fishmen in general inspired me to include a fishmen tribe archetype for you all to vote for as soon as the RTP Alter series is finished! (Hopefully RTP Alter XIII will mark the end of the alter series and the start of new expansive archetype releases!)

For the Scorpion I wanted something Rank one tier. Something cute yet with personality. something versatile yet worthy of being an enemy battler. I must say even in the sketch phase he was a simple yet fun concept!

Now the Demon. Demons have made a ton of appearances in Librarium releases so far.  For instance we have Atrox, who albeit designated as a "Void Gargoyle" can work pretty well as a general use demon pick. Then we have Clorfos, the animated demon, or even Gryphos the gargoyle could fit the bill! So this time for the actual "Demon" slot I wanted something more specific. A demon knight of sorts. Wielding a katana. In that regard I think he relays the feeling I  wanted him to relay, and still feels related to Clorfos and his kin.

The Zombie pick was also pretty clear in my head from the start. I wanted a fierce invincible warrior from the grave. In that aspect, I think his general feel portays he's pretty hard to take down!

Jellyfishes are amazing creatures, and you can easily get lost in flashiness or detail along the way as I discovered, thus I wanted to keep it simple with our jellyfish pick!

And then there's the dragon related mystery surprise! but more on that when the time is right! Sorry for the wall of text and the delays! (lots of apologies for a lot of things really!) Please hang in there! Ækashics is working hard towards the Librarium's mission of creating a free and comprehensive resource library for everyone! Thanks for all the support so far!

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