Updates on Climbing Nutrition
Hey everyone!

I'm going to start using this page to write auxiliary posts for Climbing Nutrition---stuff like updates, current lists of potential article topics, and polls. The idea is to provide a little more insight into what I'm doing and hopefully bring a few more people to my Patreon page to get more funding to help Climbing Nutrition out. I'll also use this page as a space to bounce ideas about possible features as well as get feedback as to what you guys want to see.

How I use this page is a work in progress, but to begin with I'm going to try to do two major things:

  1. Curate a list of article topics I'm considering, open to everyone to peruse.

  2. Allow patrons ($1 level or higher) to vote for which topic they'd most like to see covered.

These will be updated as I finish articles and begin new ones.

Eventually, I plan on opening the floor for write-in topics as well, but given the additional time it often takes to research and develop a topic I haven't previously vetted, I'm going to hold off until I can afford to spend a little more time per week on Climbing Nutrition.

That's all for now! I'll put article topics in a separate post and then make another post with the poll available to patrons, so keep your eyes open for those.