Updates - some future plans!
Hey dudes! I just posted up a new video. I've got a bunch more in the works. I guess I'm trying to cram in some work before grad school starts :) Just so you know what your support is funding, I need a new audio interface so I can start using my big microphone again. For the time being, I'm going to have to use my little flute mic. It isn't too bad, though, so I can get by with it. But I'll probably be able to afford the interface in another month or two and then that will be awesome. :D A note - my YouTube channel hit 500 subscribers a couple weeks ago, and it's getting close to 50k views. I think I might do a live stream of music (and possibly take requests) to celebrate the 50k views, if I've got the interface ready so I can use my big mic for that. Would you guys be interested in watching something like that? If so, let me know what day of the week and what time (or times) would be most convenient for you. <3 Thank you again for all your support! I'll be sending out new download codes tomorrow so you can download the music I recently finished! I decided to do some tweaking to a few tracks post-video so I had decided to hold off for a bit, but they are now ready.
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