Updates + some changes need to be made
I apologise for being under the radar lately, my old pc died recently and I had to buy a whole new computer because I was in dire need of an upgrade. I think that for the first time in a very long while, I'm perfectly happy with my setup, no longer am I hindered hardware-wise and it's all thanks to my commissioners. <3

I'm able to get stuff done much faster and better now! I tested out streaming music and now there's NO STUTTERING! So expect not only art streams, but also music production streams from now on~

This http://d.facdn.net/art/vrabo/1486942895/1486942895.vrabo_twilings.png was drawn on a 9500x7500 resolution just to test some things out. I'll bump up the resolution of my drawings from 2500x2500 and have 5000x5000 be the new standard.

However, this means that 3 of my patreon goals are irrelevant now so I'll have to re-organize stuff as well as think of more rewards to give, because I want to. But I'll talk about patreon in detail once I figured out how I'd like to go about the changes. I do know I'm considering making it payed up front for a few reasons.

My commission info has already been changed too.

And lastly; I'm working on a happy-feel/upbeat album, two songs have been completed already! :D