Seriously you guys, thank you so much. So far we've raised $198.52 in pledges, something I never would have thought possible for someone my size.

I wanna be completely transparent with the money you guys have pledged, and let you know the game plan for how I want to use it. Last week I placed an order for acoustic foam/bass traps, a necessity given I'm working in a new office room that's tiny, has wood floors, and sounds like an overall reverb-y nightmare. The total cost for the 24 acoustic panels + 4 bass traps was $97, which still leaves $100 in the Patreon account. 

My plan is to continue saving up until we reach the $250 mark, which'll let me send in a New 3DS to install a capture card. It'll have to be through katsukeity (which has some mixed reviews), but having the ability to make 3DS content seems like a solid trade in my book. Again guys, thank you so much for helping grow the channel <3 I'll be sure to keep you posted when we reach the next milestone! PEACE


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