Hey beauties! After hours of ineptitude (mine), we've finally created a new Patreon welcome video to answer common questions about Patreon. Hallelujah! It's done!! We've also updated our name to be "Violet Bell," since that's the name we've been touring under and we're loving it.

We're finally ready to put on a live web concert for you, but we need $20 more in donations to make it to that goal. If you feel moved, please share our Patreon video and help us get there. Thank you, thank you THANK. YOU. for all your support!

In other news, we've been touring around NC/VA/TN the last few months and are making plans to go further afield in 2017. We'll be in Georgia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and are dreaming of going as far as Colorado. And eeeevery day I visualize playing some magickal outdoor concert in Iceland... but that is yet the stuff of dreams. For now, Winston-Salem will do. 

We're also dreaming up some kind of recording. We're thinking an EP aligns with our needs and our resources right now, but we're open to doing a full length album. We intend to record studio versions of the tunes on the live album Violet Bell, as well as a few new songs. What do you want to hear? 

Last but not least, as we get the plates spinning in sync, we're better able to be present for you on Patreon! What songs do you want us to cover? Any questions about lyrics? We're looking forward to a slightly less frenetic winter, so we'll have time to cozy up at home and make some music for you. 

Much love and many thanks. May you all have what you need, and thank you for helping us get what we need <3

Lizzy & Omar

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