Uploads for the week of 07/24 - 07/28
Uploads for the week of 07/24 - 07/28

07/24 (Mon): Killer Ranked 2 out of 3: RatWarden (Eyedol) Vs Ittarra Oda (General Raam) KI is the next Marvel!

07/25 (Tues): Tekken Tuesday! Tekken 7 Ranked Match Ittarra Oda (Jack-7) Vs. W U IM IB O (Josie) 

07/26 (Weds): Lets Play Pokemon HeartGold Mysterlocke Part 3: Our first capture!

07/27 (Thurs): Mystery Upload! :D Sorry gotta keep it a secret I hope you like it regardless

07/28 (Fri): Soulcalibur V: Amy Lionheart (Tira) Vs Ittarra Oda (Astaroth)

Thank you all so much for the support, I hope you all enjoy these videos, and yes HeartGold was missing last week but that's solely due to bad timing of construction and bad noise. I apologize for that. But as always thank you ^^ ~Oda