Uploads for the week of 06/25 - 06/29
Uploads for the week of 06/25 - 06/29

06/25 (Mon): Soulcalibur V: Ittarra Oda (Astaroth) Vs Amy Lionheart (Ivy) Such a good match. 

06/26 (Tues): MORTAL TUESDAY! Mortal Kombat XL: Ittarra Oda (Jason/Slasher) Vs Fakkukuroneko (Goro/Kuatan Warrior) 

06/27 (Weds): Lets Play Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Part 1: THIS GAME IS TOO FUN!

06/28 (Thurs): PSN THURSDAY! Soulcalibur V: IttarraOda (Astaroth) Vs Lone__Devil (Yoshimitsu)

06/29 (Fri): DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ FRIDAY! DBFZ Ranked FT3: Zero Discord (GokuSS, Zamasu, VegetaSS) Vs Ittarra Oda (Team Gorilla) ITS TOO MUCH!

Thank you all so much for watching you are simply amazing, and I want to thank you all for being patient with me as my internet is slowly and finally getting back to normal. Thank you all again! ~Oda ^^