Upon Awakening Number 2
Why did I wake up this morning in a ‘black’ mind-set? All was fine when I went to bed last night and in a night of repose I have awoken, with nothing changed that I can discern, except I have awoken with anxiety, worry and thoughts that are not kind, not beautiful and which are not those I would wish for. 

This leads me to ask a fundamental question? Are they my thoughts? Am I the thinker? Could they be thoughts and feelings floating around like ‘soup’ in the universe that I have somehow ‘latched’ onto and believe them to be mine? What have I inadvertently identified with? Are those thoughts in any way indicative of reality? If they are mine then why did I think of them this morning and not last night? I do know that these thoughts have caused me to have emotions and those emotions have produced my current ‘reality’. 

Have I a choice in these emotions? Are they something I have no control over or is there a fundamental point in which I can choose an emotion and therefore control my reality?

If I can then it means I am not at the mercy of these things that come into the chasm of my mind! It ties in with a Mindful way of being and surely if I am not at the mercy of the world or the Universe then I am not at the mercy of these thoughts!

So if I can become mindful and take the perspective of the ‘watcher’ then I can perhaps take an active interest in where and when these thoughts, ideas, and concepts come and find the point just before they do and by watching them spring up from wherever I can watch them and by watching them I may be able to de-intensify any negative impact they may have. Wow. That means I might after all be in control? I have a feeling that I am! 

Why not?