Upon the Bed of Midnight

With eyes wide open, the story begins, focusing on the details at hand, imagining each sensation in the room, the gently glowing light, observing the details that don't really matter, and finding the deeper meaning in every thought that does… with eyes wide open the story begins. 

The comfort of the bed that you are lying on cannot be overstated, there's a fireplace across from you, and some quiet candles flickering to either side of the mantel above with one glowing right there in the center. With some pillows behind your shoulder you have all the support you'd need to lean back comfortably, and stare blankly across the room. The candles on the side blur out as that one in the center has something about it, something that draws the eye, brings your focus to a point and holds it there.

With your eyes focused on that candle, as you find relaxation in the bed, your shoulders sink with every breath, finding the weight of tension too much to hold onto. The candle flickers, and your eyes find focus, from here you think that you can see the wick as it burns that soft hue, everything in the room echoes a relaxation that your body responds to. There are silk curtains hanging elegantly from the window to the floor, thick curtains on their other side blocking out all the darkness from the night while letting your eyes focus so deeply on that distant light. You can't help but relax further, taking a deep breath, holding it, and letting it out, imagining all the stress and tension that you've been holding onto fall out between your lips and you sigh outwardly.

Your eyes feel heavy watching the light, blinking as you find another slow and steady breath. Heavier still as you watch from the resting position on the bed, but still the light glows on. The rest of the room fades from thought as the light glows to you, calling you to let go of the stress for now, to embrace the slow, quiet, still night. Heavy sigh takes you deeper into that candle, feeling a sense of peace…. Muscles relax across your body, shoulders slumping into the tender embrace of the pillows behind you, legs relax from tension you didn't even know you were hiding. The room is warm, pleasantly so, no reason to keep tension that has become a habit to hold onto to protect you from a cold that isn't there. Your legs relax, your hands relax, consciously and subconsciously you feel your scalp relax, pulse slows, and the candle calls to you with a flickering dance.

Eyes focused so hard on the candle light feel tired, eyelids feel heavy, and with every muscle relaxing, breathing slowing, pulse easing, it's easy to fall into a bit of a trance watching the candle dance. The flickering movement catches your eye and takes shape, moving in a form that's easy to see, sensual and slow, running across a ballroom as if the world was made for only that dance, flickering and the form bends over, jumps up and spins. The movement of a master dancer to a hidden music, a rhythm that calls out to you to join in. As eyes flicker closed the glowing form continues to dance and call you to join in. Moving forward, stepping onto the dance floor you can see, looking down, that your outfit glows with the same elegant soft light. As your eyes focus you see that it isn't fire, but form a fabric made entirely of this soft glowing light, fit for a ball of this magnitude you look around to see that you are not here alone, an entire party of guests wearing these otherworldly light dance together across the floor, socialize against the far wall, and ease their way through the room with a grace you wouldn't have otherwise believed.

You take a step towards the dancer, moving with the same unnaturally gliding grace, flickering and dancing, bending and flowing with the hidden and unseen music. Blinking you see, momentarily the candle flicker across the room, the room somewhat darker than moments before as the two candles to the side have gone out, your eyes flicker again, too heavy to keep open as you flow forward in the ballroom, meeting your partner with open arms, hearing that glowing music and entering into the waltz as though it were the rhythm of your heart beat, moving like a fantasy from a storybook across the floor, finding the thoughts and worries of the day completely erased and washed away in the silent music in the flickering room. Eyes losing focus as the dance takes flight, finding a peace in that gentle light, easing each step like the one before, and finding that here's a world of more, more music, more life, more light, more peace, a place where you can feel completely at ease. Dancing and stepping as one together, finding each step a piece of forever, there's beauty, there's warmth, there's a steady heart, and a place where there's no need for thought. Falling away in this sleepy haze, as your eyes slowly stare into that blaze.

You blink again and see the room, the art, the walls, the curtains too, you take a deep breath, finding that your muscles are relaxed, quiet, and steady, peaceful and ready.