Upon the second eclipse...
So we're gearing up for the closing of this eclipse window with an eclipse at 27-28 Aquarius at 1:05pm Pacific Time on Thursday 2/15.

I'll be sending out New Moon ritual guidance as usual to the $10+ level Patrons the day before, but for now I figured I'd just riff a bit on what might be coming up to be cleared with this energy.

The biggest theme? Well, today at least it's been -- Freedom. And indeed we're being called to free ourselves from something. Liberate. Move on. South Node eclipses are emptying moments. Where we recognize something that's been preventing growth and movement for a long, long time (sometimes millennia), and we say..."NOW. Now is the time. I'm done. This desire has been exhausted." And we move forward.

Maybe it's not that straight forward, though. Maybe you can identify the pattern but still feel attached. Use the energy of the next few days to recognize more fully the ways the patterns help and harm you, what your attachment is, and why you need to let go. And then use the energy of the New Moon to propel you forward.

If you feel emotional releasing needing to happen - even if you don't understand why or what, try to let it flow as much as possible. Flow out and through. "Feel it, bless it, release it." We are living in times where we have the unique opportunity to let shit go with more ease and fluidity than before.  It is just our egos that are attached. 

Bring it into the heart -- what do you want to create? What does freedom look like? Feel like? What are you ready to be liberated from now?

Those of you with planets or points in your chart between 11-30 degrees fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are most likely feeling all of this more keenly now.

Sending love,


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