Upping the frequency!
Hi there, Patron of the arts! :-D

I'm making some changes in my work flow and will from now on release my material at a higher rate. No less than two articles per month!

This month, November, I'm aiming for 3 posts. 2 articles and one video. The articles are already in the making. Will write about the incredible stuntwoman Bessie Coleman (My very first Fun Fact card was about her. :-) ), and a pair of sisters doing things no respectable lady would do in those days! Like advocating for sex ed for teenagers. We are talking 1800's!

If you have not yet added your snail mail adress to your pledge, please do! I will send you all a christmas greeting, by my own sweet hand! But that can only be done if your adress is there! :-)

Incredibly grateful for your support!! <3


ps. If you have ideas about cool people, forgotten in the annals of history, I totally appreciate your suggestions. Goes without saying I will give you a shout out in the post or video if it does turn into a project. Depending on your level of pledge you can have a link added back to your projects too. :-)