Uprising - Forest Argent
So, this is the event we ran for Forest Argent that moved along some plot regarding the a group called the Melnisians. 

Based broadly on the Melnibonians of Michael Moorcock fame (Elric of Melnibone etc.) they are truly amoral elf like creatures who consider all other beings "lesser". However, influence from other worlds over the last few years has meant that many of the races subjugated by the Melnisians have decided there is a chance for freedom. 

This event was about their uprising in a small Fort owned by a minor House... The Emperors response.... and the players, trapped deep in the bowels of the Fort and unable to escape, perhaps. 

One of the things that started the event of on the right foot was taking the players out into the dark, dark tunnels filled with desperate slaves, shadowy ghost like things, and strange beasts. This led to the players sneaking around terrified in the dark, until they could meet up and even then, they were scared to travel about much. 

From there the event turned into an investigation survival event, with the players with limited resources and limited healing trying to work out a way out of the Fort before the Emperors hammer came down. 

We usually run a low death system, with players more likely to build stories that extend the world in interesting ways. However, we pulled the stops on this one. 7 characters died out of 14 (12 players, some players lost two on the same event). The players loved it, they loved the choices, the lost aspect, the danger, the rewards for risk was great. However so was the risk. 

We also went to town on the props and costuming, the ghosts glowed out from the darkness, monsters howled in the deep, candles floated atop obelisks, Lords in bone armour stalked the tunnels. 

Were there any downsides? 

Oh yes, the site threw some curve balls at us and logistics became a problem. There was a miscommunication about part of the site that the players ended up staying in despite the fact we couldn't threaten them there. 

All in all though, an excellent event. Roll on the next one!

(Event attached as always)