The Upside Down EP (A Stranger Things Mixtape) Now Available For Advance Fan Club Download.
As always, for KK Music Fan Club members and Patreon supporters I'm happy to provide you with an advance download of my new Stranger Things Mixtape - The Upside Down EP out tomorrow and now available HERE.

Like many of you, I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things and the masterful soundtrack written by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. I was blown away hearing the mood setting songs on the show and when I was done binge-watching the music stuck with me long after. Being that the soundtrack is mostly synth-based and instrumental, there are a few songs that upon repeated listening gave me a brain splinter wondering what they would sound like with lyrics inspired by childhood feelings brought up from watching the show. Originally I was doing this just for me as an experiment but knowing how many fans of ST are out there thought there might be more than a handful of you who might like to hear my versions as well. 

Thanks for listening and please enjoy a free download of my Stranger Things Mixtape - The Upside Down EP

Hugs and Loves,