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Uranium Chef is our February Release!
Uranium Chef is our new release for February! Head into the strangest reaches of outer space to compete in the most popular cooking/bloodsport show on the neutrowave in this rocket-powered reality show World from Dave Joria, and illustrated by the delightful Denise Jones.

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The Road Ahead

We're heading into a lull period over the next few months as we charge up our capacitors to release a whole new set of Fate Worlds. We've announced some of them here previously, and later this week we'll update that list with even more. There's some great stuff coming, we just need a little extra time to bring it to fruition.

I'll give you more details after you have a chance to finish drooling over Uranium Chef. Seriously: this one is an absolute riot; I had to pause many times during layout so I could stop laughing and get back to work. 

Enjoy, and thank you as always for your support!