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Urban Legendary 11!
The Eleventh Urban Legendary Show!


The School Of Life was in Perth briefly as a popular pop-up – with lectures, talks, workshops and philosophical inspiration for everyone.

I had the chance to speak to Ande Rostenberg, one of the philosophical powerhouses behind the School of Life – and we had a chat about art and the thinking life of Perth. This interview was aired during RTRFM's RadioThon.


Australian states and territories will not remove the unpopular "tampon tax" on female sanitary products, despite opposition from the public and numerous political voices. A 10% goods and services tax applies, as they are considered "non-essential items", even though condoms and sunscreen are given the concession.

A recent mass petition revived over 90,000 signatures, beginning with the efforts of uni student Subeta Vimalarajah; this month Mia Lethbridge made a music video called "Drop it 'cause it's rot" to protest the "unfair tax", with a parody of Snoop Doog's  "Drop it like it's hot," featuring Christine Forster, the sister of Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

I spoke to protesters outside Perth's Parliament House about their efforts to raise awareness about the "tampon tax".


A Bill passed in the Lower House of State Parliament this month has brought WA a step closer to recognising Aboriginal people as the state’s first Australians.

The legislation coincides with Federal debate on the subject as both sides argue whether a 2017 referendum should go ahead.
Reconciliation WA supports recognition as a necessary step and is urging Parliament to give it’s support. The organisation’s Executive Officer James Black and Program Officer Kimberley Benjamin have their say about the issue.


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