URGENT ANALYSIS! Assange Denied Ecuadorean Asylum & Handed Over to UK? Lenin Moreno, Rafael Correa & Ecuador's Invisible Color Revolution

Assange's situation is unconfirmed so far, but very troubling...

From RT: A white van was seen removing furniture and belongings from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Sunday, following reports that Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno & British officials have come to an agreement under which Ecuador will withdraw its asylum protection for Julian Assange. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9ata

RAW video: Furniture removed from Ecuadorian embassy amid reports of handing Assange over to UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE6lbzNY4tw


However, everyone is looking at the very tip of the iceberg, not noticing what's underneath. And underneath is AN INVISIBLE color revolution, which has been successfully executed in Ecuador between 2017 and 2018!

The reasons for the present Assange development is incomparably deeper and more far-reaching than anyone out there realizes or presents!

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This began happening after previous Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, who was Assange's staunch supporter, finished his term and the presidency was narrowly won by his successor and protege, Lenín Moreno. Notice his first name: Lenin. His middle name is Boltaire (misspelled Voltaire, named after French philosopher), and this tells us that his family, as himself, are intellectual leftists and socialists. Moreno is confined to a wheelchair, and he was Correa's close comrade and his VP, belonging to the same party PAIS Alliance

However, once it became known that Correa was to step down in 2017, his strong presence stopped being a factor and the advance of the neoliberal opposition began in Ecuador. Presently, Moreno is a lame duck president, who completely succumbed to blackmail and arm twisting. I happen to follow Ecuador, among many other countries, and Moreno's statements I have monitored struck me as full of fear and surrender to the US. They are in stark contrast to Correa's independent policies and his courageous position. 

My opinion is that the US tightened the economic noose on Ecuador when Correa's powerful presence was out of the picture, knowing that Moreno was a much weaker leader. Ecuador uses US dollar as currency, so the financial pressure is easy. But even more so, the main buyer of Equadorian natural resources and agricultural produce is the US. All US has to do is threaten they won't buy Ecuador's oil any more, and its economy is finished.  

This is the problem for most Latin American countries. Examples abound: Venezuela post Chavez, Brazil after Lula da Silva, and Argentina after Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. These countries rely on one strong leader in generation, and once such leader leaves, political infighting begins, weakening the already weakened country and aided from abroad. The result of the political muscle flexing is that a successful ex-president is subjected to accusations of corruption and jail threats. 

(In this regard, read my past big FT report: Brazil Color Revolution: Corruption, Dilma, Lula, Zika, Rio Olympics and BRICS. Lada Ray Report and Predictions).

Correa himself was practically pushed out of the country under pressure by pro-US neoliberal opposition, and now lives in the EU. Recently, an investigation against Correa began in Ecuador, under false pretext. Ecuador presently demands Correa's extradition to be tried for corruption. He faces a long jail sentence if extradited and is now in the fight for his freedom and his life. Very sad indeed, considering how popular he was and how much he has done for his country. Ecuador's political struggle, facilitated by the US, makes Assange the victim. 

As an aside, I must note that Correa's long term plan is to return to Ecuador and again run for leadership position -- and that's what his enemies both foreign and domestic are really afraid of!

But make no mistake, all this is happening to Ecuador and its leaders because Ecuador several years ago defied US and gave shelter to Julian Assange. In offering Assange an asylum, Correa acted on his heart's impulse, seeing in Assange a kindred spirit in so many ways. For this act Ecuador and Correa have been paying dearly ever since. 

Certainly, Assange is only one factor in the present situation. Correa's fight for independence against the US grip has been a lifetime struggle, which began well before Assange. He worked closely with Chavez, and he was at the forefront of the fight for Latin America's independence all his life. The US tried to remove him more than once. 


Several years ago the CIA-organized military coup severely backfired. Actually, that military coup bore some resemblance to the recent anti-Erdogan Turkish coup, which I thoroughly described for you in ESR13: ERDOGAN'S WAR. 

The Ecuadorian military, which received its training from in the US and was controlled by the CIA, advanced on the presidential palace and kidnapped Correa, then sitting president, whisking him away to a military compound. When the people found out, a massive crowd of citizens advanced on the compound, demanding that Correa be freed. The military got scared and restored Correa to his presidential palace withing 48 hours. 

After such fiasco, Correa became even more popular among citizens, while the CIA/US lost even more clout in both Ecuador and Latin America in general. That failed CIA coup emboldened Chavez, Lula and Cristina Kirchner. And it solidified Correa's lead and reputation, rendering him almost invisible, while in office. This is why Correa boldly offered asylum to Assange and this is why he was allowed to finish his term in peace. But once he was out, the revenge by the US began in earnest. US never forgave Correa and Ecuador the humiliation of the failed military coup, and it never forgave the defiance and siding with Chavez. But the latests slap on the face, giving Assange an asylum, was the last drop. 

Once Moreno, a weak president unable to hold his own, came to power, they pounced. 


This is cumulatively the reason for the current situation: Assange was taken away the internet privileges, not allowed to receive visitors, and now this. At the same time, Correa's personal security detail -- a common perk for all ex-presidents -- was taken away, he is being prosecuted and his name maligned based on trumped up charges. 

Therefore, Ecuador, and with it, Correa and Assange, are victims of a very subtle, I'd say invisible, color revolution.

Considering everything I told you above, such as the US/CIA's drive for revenge and the desperate need to change the situation in Latin America back in their favor, the present outcome should not be a surprise.

I do not believe Ecuador, under tremendous pressure by the US and UK, is  able to protect Assange any more. That said, I sincerely hope Assange's situation gets resolved in his favor.






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