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Useless Anime Knowledge: Intro to Manglobe Studio
So, initially I wasn't going to mark this one because I wasn't sure anyone would like it, and it's more of a research paper than an outright analysis. I also originally planned to release my Samurai Champloo analysis on the same day and mark that one instead, since it would be more analysis-y. However, I didn't managed to finish the SamChamp one before leaving for the trip I'm currently on. Likewise, I haven't been able to make any new videos since I'm out of town and only have my laptop with me. One last time, I'll remind everyone that you can cancel payments for individual videos (somewhere in your profile there's like a "payment summary" button or something like that which you can go into and change stuff) if you feel that it's something you didn't sign up for. I know I've said it a lot of times at this point, and I know a lot of you really are up for whatever I've got going on. Hopefully it's obvious too that this wasn't a cash-in video but did in fact take more effort to make than pretty much anything else I've done on my channel besides the Pokemon videos. I just want to be completely sure that no one feels like they aren't getting what they pay for.
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