User Agreements for 100$ Patrons

Being a 100$ Patron ["Royal Guards"] grants you the right to request a character to appear in my animation. If you don't want to use Patreon for this matter, you can pay via PayPal. Contact me first for that. Keep in mind that these are requests, not commissions so I won’t be following a large list of details and I am free to exercise artistic liberties with the image I draw.

$100 animation request does not include any pose requests. You can't ask for a specific situation, pose, describe the scenery or actions of my animation. However, you can request a specific genre like regular hentai (male and female), yuri or yaoi for free. If you are interested in requesting a specific pose, add more character and other stuff, please check check this link

Here I'll cover the guidelines, prices and limitations regarding requests: 

  • Please, make sure to contact me first via email: [email protected] or Patreon itself;
  • You must be 18+ to order an animation request;
  • You can send me one request for one character. If for some reason your suggestion has been declined you are free to make another one;
  • At the moment I will only accept anime style characters. Japanese video games (Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, etc.) with similar art styles are acceptable as well;
  • Only characters from mass media (anime & video games) can be used in my work. I will not draw your own character;
  • I will draw only human or mostly-human characters (no furries, robots, aliens, etc.);
  • You can't ask for a specific situation, pose, describe the scenery or actions of my animation. Again, it's a character request, not full commission.  However, you can request a specific genre like regular hentai (male and female), yuri, yaoi, and also tentacles. You can also use a simple description like: anal, vaginal sex, oral, etc. Nothing too specific;
  • No shota or loli allowed. I also can not draw guro, scat, gote, rape, etc;
  • If we've agreed on the character request choice and after the payment has been sent, no refunds will be possible. The only exception to this rule is if I am unable to finish the request (for any reason), you will be entitled to a refund;
  • Animation request for a single character costs $100, no more no less. Also this is not part of any loyalty program, so even if your total pledge is $100, you won't be able to make a request, you have to pledge a $100 tier for this;
  • I will draw one animation loop with the single character you have requested. Fully colored with simple or full background. Size: 1280 x 720. From 6 to 14 frames (cels);  
  • Animations most likely will be published in the same month they were requested. Creating process usually takes from 6 to 10 days or more. However, there is no specific time frame for when the animation will be completed, I will post my work as soon as it is finished;   
  • Requests submitted towards the end of the month may be skipped or transferred to the next month;
  • Finished requests will be posted on my Patreon. I will also send it to you via email. As a bonus you will also receive source file (.clip, .PSD) of your requested animation;
  • Even if you drop to a lower tier, or stop contributing entirely, you will still get these rewards delivered via email as you have already paid for them;
  • Pledgers have the right to keep their name private. Please let me know If you would like to do so, otherwise I will mention your name on my Patreon post;
  • Please ask for a permission before you post my work somewhere.

Remember that my Patreon charges up front. You pay when you pledge. So if you have any additional questions feel free to ask me.

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