Using 9 Drums to Record a Kit
If you need a big drum sound, try using toms as a filter for your drum room mics so that you get a massive drum sound. In this episodes, we explored the ideas that I originally started in my "Tom Reso" technique a couple years ago where I created a "Lo fi" drum sound by putting a dynamic mic on the other side of a rack tom to create a colored tone of the drum kit. The result, with some added compression, was a really cool sound that you could only get from using a tom as a filter for a mic. Today's video explores that concept even more, and we use the toms all at once, and then we play melodies on the toms.   

The drums almost create a reverb like sound, but it is much more than that. We are really just setting up a room mic that is very close to a drum that rings when sound hits the heads of that drum. That ringing is what creates the tone and pitches that we hear. Using all nine drums creates a wash of sound that is very close to using a very large kick drum, and big room for snare drum.  

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