Using Bitcoin for Freelancers instead of GST
Independent Freelancers who are serving providers outside the country have got a huge compliance headache in the form of registering for GST. A simply solution around this is to take your income in the form of Bitcoin with supported providers.

The biggest advantage of this is that you dont need to report these earnings as income in your tax statement. You can keep these earnings in your bitcoin wallet and only liquidate a part of it as and when required.

A lot of services outside the country have started taking payment in bitcoin, so you can directly use these earnings to offset against payment for any such services. 

Finally if you want to withdraw bitcoin in INR you need a two step process. First find a local bitcoin purchaser in your state from a site like . Next you can sell your bitcoins to such a purchaser and bill the received earnings locally. Upto a limit of Rs 20L/year on local transactions, you dont have to bill for GST.