Utah Outcasts Super Secret Patron Show #11 - YouTube
Hey there $5 and higher Patrons! I'm sure you've listened to the audio already, but here is this week's latest video of the aftershow. Sadly I was the only one willing to put my face on the camera. With that, the Outcasts return to bring you the latest of our super secret Patreon episodes. This week we have a groaner of a time trying to listen to a supremely right-wing asshole tell us that the godless left are worse than terrorists (of course I'm paraphrasing here).

Honestly this is the first time where I have decided to cut this 5 minute audio clip after only about half way because of how many extra minutes we took dissecting the horrible shit she said.

Enjoy and thank you for your constant support for our show. We love you guys! As always, this is the ONLY place you'll get this episode! Until next week everyone, you're welcome!