Utah Outcasts #105 - Rainbow Envy
Welcome back to a new week of shows, this is the very first episode in season 3 of the Utah Outcasts podcast and we’ve got a great one for you to enjoy. On this episode we’ve got X and Felicia here to make your day by talking about the following topics:

NEWS / REAL AUDIO – We debut the mixed format we’ll be using for the future with an octogenarian buddhist from Shanghai who stopped a plane from taking off because of religious reasons, Jim Bakker claims that Trump is fulfilling god’s agenda on Earth, and finally the article that the title of this episode spawned…a Christian woman is super duper mad about people raping the rainibow.

TRUMP ROUNDUP – Week 23 and have you heard how insane this guy is yet? I mean, it’s everyday that the sitting president of the United States of America picks a fight with the media, but it’s NOT NORMAL the way he’s starting to single out individual people on cable news.

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OPENING SONGAKnewGod “Break the Veil” used with permission
CLOSING SONGKilling Joke “Democracy”

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