Utah Outcasts #117 - Rocks For Jocks
MONDAYYYY, you know what that means right? 

Yep, new Utah Outcasts for you all to enjoy!Join X, Kyle, and our special guest Marissa Alexa McCool as we talk about the following subjects.


TRUMP ROUNDUP  Week 29 and between potential nuclear war with North Korea and the Charlottesville Virginia bullshit that he's been up to, it's almost hard to forget that he found the time to fuck up in other grandiose ways...almost too many to mention.

Alright folks that's it for the Monday show, we do have MORE Marissa coming up this Wednesday when we drop the second episode of the week.

Join us then!

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OPENING SONG - AKnewGod "Break the Veil" used with permission CLOSING SONG - Beastie Boys "Looking Down The Barrel of a

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