Utah Outcasts #66 - Roasting
Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s Utah Outcasts! We’ve got a great show for you with the full panel (one with a real microphone now) as we go over the following:

News You Missed – Vice News reporter arrested at Trump eventArkansan misses the forest for the trees regarding SatanTrump once again invites harm onto Clintonand a student sitting out the pledge had her grade docked because ‘Murica.

You Oughta Know – Comedy shouldn’t have boundaries, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t say anything without getting called out for it…right Ann Coulter? What the fuck were you thinking getting on stage with comedians during a roast?

Fun With Real Audio – Mickey Donovan endorses Trump…againWe start listening to Louie Gohmert but X starts to get mad at FeliciaPhil Robertson is the worst public speakerand Glenn Beck misunderstands statues.

Highs For The Week – X is losing weight, Kyle’s mom has gone Full Winona from Stranger Things, and Felicia’s great skunk adventure.