Utilizing Toontrack's Superior Drummer (demo)
In this video I'm utilizing Toontrack's Superior Drummer. A great piece of software that can help add life to your tracks. When you program with Superior Drummer, you can create the sound of a live drummer. I play it live, then process the crap out of it to create an electronic sound. This is a real quick and dirty demo how I get some live beats and midi notes into my session.

I have two overhead mics and one room mic. The Kick, snare, toms and that are all going into the Roland TD20x brain the midi'd into my audio card, going into the Ableton session running Superior Drummer. I do this a lot when tracking drums. Its fun to hear all kinds of different tones while recording and it adds to the fun. Then the sky is the limit with producing the drums and changing out drum sounds. Once I bounce it to audio, there is a whole new level of audio production. Don't forget to fade your transients!!

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