The A.V. Club gave us another great review
The show was lucky enough to get another great review from The A.V. Club. Check it out. 

My Neighbors Are Dead
Predator With Tim Baltz 

The joy of My Neighbors Are Dead is that the concept ties each new character to a larger universe (of horror films), and that context rids each episode of the chore of exposition, and it thrives becausethese characters are tangential. They begin loosely connected to the horror stories we know, but what’s exciting is when they create their own. This week’s episode is a perfect example of the show’s formula working from all angles: the hilarious Tim Baltz guests as Woody Dirkson, a military man whose life was spared when an injury took him off the mission that would cross paths with “the predator thing.” Woody feels instantly knowable, and the dynamic between Baltz and host Adam Peacock only aides in developing the character line by line. There’s a wonderful balance of creation and reference, as they know just when to dip into the pool of Predatorinformation without letting that narrative limit their conversation. In fact, much of the episode sees Woody chastising Peacock for his yogurt-eating habits and fawning over his beautiful curvy wife. Instead of a Predator rehash, listeners are given new context that only leaves them wanting more. [Rebecca Bulnes]