v0.1.0 - What’s new in uhura.io
Since my last post about uhura.io somethings was done, let me updated about it, and if you don’t use the new version yet, please try now at uhura.io.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Your data is important, so I wrote a privacy policy and a terms of service to protect your data and tell to you more about how to Uhura work. The key words here is “We will not sell your personal data to third parties.” I removed from all analytics partner any personal data like your email. And a important thing is now you can delete your account, for me is important you be free to enter and leave (and enter again) I’m tunning this process but you can request you account to be deleted if you want it.

New users is welcome

The new version of uhura was available only to Uhura users, now any users can register yourself.


Now the connections with uhura server is made only via a secure protocol, this is important move for many users, and for me indeed, than tell me to add https support to the project.


The autoplay is a beta feature on this version of the project, I’m listening a lot of users and trying to improve it, for now you can enable and disable the autoplay. When enable autoplay search a unplayed episode in page to play.


Build a settings page is an important move to the project, this page will be the umbrella for all user customization, many options is came, today you can:

  • Change your name (it’ll be shown at profile page)
  • Delete your account (easy come easy go)
  • Opt out receive news email

That was the big changes,  goes to uhura.io to see all new features.

If you are a developer, see the changes in commits at changelog

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