Hi all.

Week went by real quick, but I've managed to do few things. 

The biggest addition is being ability to use auto-schedule options for models. Everyone now has a tab called "OPTIONS". You can set in which studios actors can work (or none) and for which type of scenes can be scheduled. 

For example if girl has very low gangbang likeness you can exclude from being chosen for this type of scenes.

Also few new solo and lesbian positions. More soon.

I run out of time to make auto publish system. Don't wanna break the game in hotfix. There's also some things still missing from UI like sorting by already paid models, sorting by last shooting day and so on. Sorry i couldn't include all of them. I might do another hotfix just with that or more likely include all of them in the 0.74. 

As always, cannot thank you enough for the support.

Changelog for 0.73 

Changelog for hotfix 0.73a


-"Favorites" button

-Auto schedule options for girls & boys. 

-Randomize appearance button at character creation.

-Soft lock when setting preferences at character creation.

-Girls and Boys scene history on INFO tab. Select particular scene to show more info on it.

-Special girls unlock additional locations for quick scenes. (Also owning a car and hotel room)

-Overview tab updated to show more data.

-When hovering over SHOOT button, you can now see all the reasons why you can't.

-Few new SOLO and GIRL-GIRL scenes

-Added some more sound effects to MF scenes. Some might not be synced with animation exactly.


-Missing piercings & glasses.

-Milf trait disappeared after surgery.

-Could not remove back side clothes when in surgery screen.

-Options in surgery/makeover all defaulted to 1.

-Locations were unlocked from the beginning

-Tooltips on training showed wrong data






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