v1.0.1: Account Sync
Hello DMs,

It's finally here! I'm excited to announce the delivery of our first Patreon milestone, Account Sync. This feature will let you access your custom creatures, player characters, and saved encounters on Improved Initiative from anywhere. The benefit is available to patrons pledging just $1 or more, and you can start using it today by linking your Patreon account in the app.

This 1.0 update also brings with it a number of other improvements and optimizations. It's a large set of changes, so please let me know if you experience any bugs. You can share your experiences here on Patreon, but the best way to report a bug is by opening an issue on Github.

Next, I'll take some time to improve the quality of the code that I wrote for this, and I'd like to build more free features that all my users can take advantage of. I've got a roadmap of ideas to implement next, but I'm always open to suggestions. I'll also keep an eye on our progress toward the next Patreon milestone.

Thanks for your support, and happy DMing!

Update 1.0.1: I fixed a handful of bugs this week- thanks for your patience if you were affected by any problems. If you've pledged and are having trouble getting Account Sync to work, check to make sure that you have selected either the Improved Initiative or Epic Initiative reward levels here on Patreon.