v1.3.4a with 59 issues fixed posts on 6/8

Revision: LoM v1.3.4a Patch (PATREON ISSUES RESOLVED)
Release Date: Saturday, June 8th 2019
Patch Size: 53 issue addressed so far

Review the build/patch/hotfix list below for a detailed list of resolved issues in the associated build/patch/hotfix. Please post any bugs that you may find in our Bug Reports & Supports section. Lastly, feel free to join our community on discord to discuss the game and what you would like to see added! https://discord.gg/5TU2NX9

1 - Fixed a bug that would cause Jets to push you backwards while in giant form. Basically if a war maiden crashes into a jet in any form large or small the jets will be instantly destroyed.

2 - Added a dialog confirm box when changing body presets to prevent players from accidentally overwriting their body settings.

3 - Sprint flying or running in the open area now depletes stamina. The rate has been adjusted to allow for freedom of movement without it being unlimited stamina. 

4 - Added the ability copy and paste the Patreon authentication URL incase the web browser does not automatically pop up for you.

5 - Added a message explaining that Frame smoothing under certain conditions will make the game run in slow motion.

6 - Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the door in the first segment of mission mode to not open up under certain conditions.

7 - Fixed a bug in the gun range that prevented your score from counting towards the daily challenge unless your score was higher than the highscore.

8 - Added ground shaking to giant form using Size Matters when walking and using the stomp or double fist attack.

9 - Fixed a bug that prevented players from re-binding the key for looting.

10 - Asset select has returned as a fixed key using the BackQuote/Tilde key. Keybinding UI and the keyboard guide has been updated.

11 - Updated the text in battle mode to reflect the new key needed to switch assets. 

12 - Fixed a bug that caused the ATK and DEF Training BGM to continue if you exited to the desktop while training and did not return until after the training was complete. 

13 - Fixed a bug that caused weird things to happen if you tried to enable/disable Nudity Everywhere or Nude for All while Motion3D was active.

14 - Fixed a bug that caused overlapping button click sounds in the Start page when accessing the settings panel.

15 - Added icons to the maps for the open areas that indicate where to return to the lobby from the open area.

16 - Fixed the atmosphere in the Necropolis Desert to look better when exploring the lower desert area around the main area.

17 - Fixed a bug that cause an invalid URL to open when clicking the link to get more info about Cheat Codes in the settings panel.

18 - Fixed a bug that caused the Doctor head gear to not be placed correctly on the head when equipping it.

19 - Fixed Shields being misspelled in the shop tab.

20 - Fixed Premium being misspelled in the loading screen graphic.

21 - Added instructions from the DEF training NPC to explain how to equip a shield.

22 - Added instructions to the pop up notification for DEF training and subsequent chatbox message to explain to the player how to equip a shield. 

23 - Fixed the quest destination pointer to land on the training mats when accepting the training quests.

24 - Fixed a bug that caused the game to launch multiple versions of itself when trying to launch the game outside of steam. 

25 - Fixed a bug that caused the Gear Vendor in the lobby to get stuck in a talking animation.

26 - Added the ability to enable/disable Chromatic Abberation and Blur.

27 - Fixed a bug that caused you to have to click export twice when exporting a blueprint with no name.

28 - Fixed a bug that caused soldiers to break once you reached max relationship level with them.

29 - Implemented new logic that doesn't require the user to authenticate with Patreon every time they launch the game. 

30 - Fixed a bug that caused a tattoo to editable while locked with the assassin class.

31 - Increased the Mouse Sensitivity range to 150% of its original value. 

32 - Added two new Mouse settings called Mouse X Dampening and Mouse Y Dampening to further calibrate and fine to your mouse.

33 - Shield has been moved to the middle mouse key. Keybinding and the Keyboard guide have been updated.

34 - Fixed a bug that caused Pose3D to take blury images if the ratio of the game window did not match the ratio of the monitor.

35 - Added the ability to apply blueprints from the beauty album outside of character customization.

36 - Fixed another bug that caused multiple NPCs to load on top of each other while in the lobby under certain conditions.

37 - Disabled flying in Strongholds.

38 - Fixed a bug that caused attacks in giant form to not affect enemies directly below you making it hard to attack nearby enemies.

39 - Fixed a bug that prevented the widescreen black bars to be updated realtime when enabling and disabling the setting while in Motion3D.

40 - Added a slider to adjust the size of the damage values when displayed.

41 - Fixed a bug that caused text to show up asking the player to upgrade to premium if they had already done so in the Time Step reward UI.

42 - Fixed a bug that caused the cosmetic shop to be broken if accessed outside of the lobby.

43 - Fixed a bug that caused the cosmetic shop to be broken if accessed in the shower area under certain conditions.

44 - Fixed a bug that caused the Chin and Jaw sliders to be named incorrectly.

45 - Fixed a bug that caused the player to fall through the ground when landing from the launcher in the Necropolis Desert.

46 - Fixed a bug that caused the player to be stuck in flying mode if using Burning Crusher during missions or Strongholds.

47 - Removed Sprint Grabs from the Daily Challenge list.

48 - Added text to the shop that explained that additional Diamond package are available after clicking the initial packages displayed in the initial shop page.

49 - Fixed a bug that prevented players from setting unique secondary abilities across the Open Area, Mission and Battle mode load out configurations.

50 - Fixed a bug that did not automatically disable the HDR background when attempting to take a transparent image in Pose3D.

51 - Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to grind the T6 Uranus Ring.

52 - Fixed a bug that caused photo previews from the beauty album to move to a different location on the screen if the beauty album itself was moved.

53 - Removed the wavy desert effect from the lower sand area surrounding the Necropolis desert.

54 - Added a new Auto-Run feature to the Num Lock key. Keybinding and Keyboard guide have been updated.

55 - Fixed a bug caused the Grinder output to not be correct if you grinded gear after a restart.

56 - Fixed a bug that caused Patreon support to not acknowledge rewards under certain conditions. The correct supporter level (i.e. Platinum Supporter) would show but no rewards would be listed or given.

57 - Fixed a bug that cause the model to flip and invert if scaling went below a zero value in Pose3D using the scaling tool.

58 - Fixed a bug that caused body parts to disappear if you entered Character Customization while your war maiden was standing next to a wall.

59 - Fixed a bug that caused quest progress to revert under certain conditions. 

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