v12.82 is here, with the Artificer!
 Changelog for MPMB's Character Record Sheet v12.82 (3 Februari 2017):
  • NEW FEATURE: The Artificer from the Artificer Unearthed Arcana (with big help from RCanine on ENworld);
  • Added the UA Fighting Styles to the options of the Champion’s Additional Fighting Style (as suggested by rossow_timothy);
  • Added an option to see the skill tooltip in dialogue form to the skill menu (just click on the skills section);
  • Added the option to exclude a class as a whole and not just its subclasses (before a completely excluded class would still load its non-archetype features when selected);
  • Fix for the sheet recognizing the “Wild Mage” as a wizard (thanks David G. for reporting);
  • Fix for the source listing of the Lightfoot and Ghostwise Halflings (thanks mrpeach32 for reporting);
  • Fix for "Copy to Attuned Magical Items (page 2)" for the magic items menu option copying the magic item to the hidden row.

The DMs Guild website is currently down for maintenance, so you can't get the sheet there (yet). I will upload it tomorrow when it is back up.

However, for all Scholars out there that have access to the cloud share, you should be able to find the new version there!