v12.84 has come, with some critical bug fixes!
This time I didn’t wait to accumulate a lot of changes or created a cool new feature before publishing the next version, as it has some very essential fixes for the companion page. In v12.83 the attack calculation of the companion page was wonky. This also affected any imported characters that had any kind of companions, effectively screwing up most of the importing process.

I urge everybody to skip v12.83 and update directly to v12.84. If you just imported your character to v12.83, please import it again from your old sheet directly to v12.84 to guarantee everything works as it should.

Changelog for MPMB's Character Record Sheet v12.84 (21 February 2017):
 • NEW CONTENT: Addition of all 4 Sorcerous Origins from the Unearthed Arcana: Sorcerous Origins (with the help of /u/SoilentBrad, Toby L., and LamentingDemon);
 • NEW CONTENT: Added the Crag Cat and Hulking Crab from Storm King’s Thunder (as suggested by /u/Kelfina & Vladimir S.);
 • Added a way for the Direct Import to properly add the class features that were added using the ‘Choose Features’ button to third page’s ‘Notes’ section (as suggested by Robert N.);
 • Changed how the sheet recognizes things, making it easier to add homebrew that has similar names to things that already exists (e.g. adding a homebrew weapon called “punching dagger” was previously impossible, as the attack fields would still only recognize it as a “dagger”);
 • Added a way to exclude armour based on source (although there isn’t a button for this in the dialogue yet);
 • Added a way for any type of armour to get calculated with a secondary ability score modifier;
 • Added a way for armour to force a 0 for the Dex mod to be added to AC;
 • Added a way for spells to be excluded, based on spell name, from the spell selection dialogue;
 • Fixed several things related to ability scores that weren’t importing, including the values in the ability scores dialogue, manually set saving throw proficiencies, and saving throw modifier fields (thanks Robert N. for reporting);
 • Fixed a critical bug that prevented making companions and importing characters with a companion (thanks Taed for reporting);
 • Fixed the saving throw of “Erupting Earth” (thanks Vladimir S. for reporting).

All Scholars could have found the new version on their cloud share yesterday already, but its now on DMs Guild as well!