v12.94 - all published WotC materials!
As alluded to with the last couple of posts here, time has come to update the sheet with all past Unearthed Arcana material, now that the first goal of this Patreon has been reached.

In addition to the Unearthed Arcana material of days gone by, this update includes the latest UA: Start Spells article, and the beast from the adventure books Out of the Abyss and Tales of the Yawning Portal.

Changelog for MPMB's Character Record Sheet v12.94 (11 April 2017):
• NEW CONTENT: the firearms and their ammunition from DMG page 268 (with help from grungydan);
• NEW CONTENT: the 12 Dragonmark feats from Unearthed Arcana: Eberron;
• NEW CONTENT: the 8 feats from Unearthed Arcana: Feats;
• NEW CONTENT: the 5 spells from Unearthed Arcana: That Old Black Magic (with help from David);
• NEW CONTENT: the Abyssal Tiefling from Unearthed Arcana: That Old Black Magic;
• NEW CONTENT: the Rune Scribe prestige class from Unearthed Arcana: Prestige Classes and Rune Magic (with help from K.12);
• NEW CONTENT: the 3 subclasses from Unearthed Arcana: Modern Magic (with help from AKA_Sketch);
• NEW CONTENT: the 14 spells from Unearthed Arcana: Modern Magic;
• NEW CONTENT: the 17 spells from Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells (with help from SoilentBrad);
• NEW CONTENT: the 4 attack/save cantrips to the attack section from Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells;
• NEW CONTENT: the 2 beasts from Out of the Abyss;
• NEW CONTENT: the Tales of the Yawning Portal icon to the icon/symbol menu options;
• NEW CONTENT: the 4 beasts from the Tales of the Yawning Portal;
• Excluded the DMG firearms by default;
• Made it possible to exclude or include different types of ammunition;
• Moved the Feral Tiefling from the racial variant options of the Tiefling to being its own race with its own listing in the drop-down box;
• Added a way for feats to use the spellcastingBonus object (to make the Dragonmark feats possible);
• Added a way for a class to add multiple tool proficiencies (to make the Rune Scribe possible);
• Added a way for a class to be considered a ‘Prestige Class’ and have prerequisites (to make the Rune Scribe possible);
• Made the sheet not commit anything when just changing the way something is written in the Class field while you are not changing the interpretation of it (e.g. change “Transmuter” into “Wizard (Transmutation)” or “Cleric (War Domain)” into “War Priest”);
• Fixed the sheet not displaying the right proficiencies when changing the primary class;
• Fix for the Mystic’s Potent Psionics not adding Int to damage of Psionic Talents in the attack section (thanks TheBob427 for reporting);
• Updated the Shadow Sorcerer to make use of the Bonus Spell feature (as suggested by Patrick A.);
• Fix for the Spell Sniper feats not doubling the range of attack cantrips in the attack section;
• Fix for the Air Elemental Whirlwind attack to do 3d8 instead of 2d8;
• Updated the FAQ.

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