Vader approaches...
Hi everyone!

Thanks to the new patrons! We are on the way to our goal!

Among alot of jobs I have had on this week I am trying to squeeze in one of my own too. This version of Vader is as close to the EpVI as I can get myself and it has been nearly 80 hours of solid work. so far!

This helmet will be different to any of the others ones I have made purely down to the amount of details on it. A Storm trooper helmet is designed to Vac mold and make thousands.. in the case of a Vader mask, they are all pretty unique.

Many people said to me to do an Episode IV, or Ep5.. or Rogue one version of the helmet, but I wanted to do the secondary helmet that we see Luke take off, but I wanted it to be a functional mask and allow the wearer to actually have a proper vader setup.

You wil need to add some wires and thin detailing that couldnt be printed, but that's up to the usre on how authentic they want it to look.

I am really excited about this one, I have made alot of models but this one really did take a special amount of effort  and killed my PC in the process.

If It was not processed, the finished mesh was around 2GB. Yep.  Gigabytes..

This is pretty much impossible to slice let alone cut up, so each individual little piece needed to be decimated to a smaller size and then readded, one by one.. The total size for the helmet  - all pieces is about 100mb, the biggest being the facemask and that is around 50mb - not bad from coming down from 2GB! 

The Vader printable helmet will be available VERY soon. It is complete, it just needs to be checked and cut for you.

I get asked alot also about the free models, and why you can't see them .

As it states on the side, the pledge level is what unlocks those models.

Currently we have a dropbox for the pledges of $5 or more. There will be one very soon for the $1 pledges which will still contain alot of free models, but they simply won't be the gigantic helmet and costume kits.

In the future I would like to have one combined dropbox so I may even remove the $1 pledge option in the near future. 

I am still trying to figure out the best way to make this system work for everyone and still have everyone receive something .

Painted model send out also happening this week! will post winner v.soon.