Valefor Sculpt (WIP)
This is a project I've had sitting around for actually a couple of years... Started out as just the armature, then after a long while finally had the materials to build him. He's made with a mixture of Sculpey, FIMO, and Primo Sculpey. I've finally taken off with my resolve to paint and finish him, though now I am taking a break from him to work on some other projects. He is being painted with acrylics and will have a grayish wash to bring out his features.

Valefor is a bird/dragon-like creature from Final Fantasy X that you are able to summon to help you -- one of several powerful beings called Aeons. His gracile, unique, dragon-esque design made him my favorite, even over Bahamut. Even if he does suck as an actual Summon. :'D

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