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A poem that happened instead of the work I was supposed to be doing.


I’m not a Valentiney guy,

Nor have I ever spent my cash

On once-a-year-ish shows of love

That smack of checklists, habit’s lash

Of tasks to do, errands to run.

Such shows ape real and lasting love

As candles wish they were the sun.


My heart once yearned to make such show.

Romance is best as new delight

where half-glance thrills the tripping heart

and new-made dreams take soul to flight,

But my old soul knows all too well

That feverish joy fades into nights

Of crying babes and pre-dawn bells.

Such duties frost romance with blight.


Still within my beating heart

Flames that which once you kindled there,

A fierce desire to build, to start

With you a voyage through those snares

That make a life together, part

Of heaven’s pale reflected glare.

For any life with you, my heart

Is all my answered whispered prayer.


Be wild, my heart, be wide embrace,

Let shine my inmost fancy’s show

And take with her the breathless ride

That ever romance did bestow.

And she believe it? Never mind.

Lover’s call sets love aglow.

In her heart, too, yet breathes a fire

Which flaming still, shall flaming grow.

Forever yours. Forever mine.

Be we forever, valentine.